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Bootcamp HIIT Training

Bianca’ s boot camps consist of body weight and light weight training incorporated into a 30min high intensity training session for maximum efforts and results.

Boot camp sessions are fun, quick and effective.

A combination of physical and mental training, stress relief and creating friendships is what you can expect to gain from this group.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – involves short periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery.

This approach increases your metabolic rate for hours after exercise, and it helps improve your muscles’ ability to consume oxygen.

Venue: NG Church Elarduspark (547 Frelon St, Elardus Park, Pretoria, 0181)

Times: Mondays – Thursdays 17h00 & 17h30

Bring along your own exercise mat and a pair of small dumbbells (2 -3kg)

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