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About Me

Hey! I’m Bianca van Rensburg

Qualified Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle coach. My passion for physical activity started as a young 7 year old dancer, dancing my way through life until the age of 18.


I completed my Specialised Training Certificate in 2010 and completed my Degree in Human Movement Science right after. I’ve been in the coaching industry for 10 years and I’ve experienced quite a bit of what promotes positive physical and mental health changes for women.


I’m currently the owner of a very successful female boot camp in Pretoria. I’ve personally walked journeys with over 200 ladies to change their bodies for the better. I’m VERY excited to reach many more women on this online platform.

My passion is empowering women to start believing in themselves again while physically challenging them with basic body weight exercises and creating healthy eating habits.


Whether your goal is weight-loss, toning, muscle gaining, improving your mental and physical health status or simply to gain your confidence and self-worth again, I can help you!


Why can you trust me, because I’m not here to fabricate anyone! I’m going to tell you the hard and ugly truths. I won’t quit on you until we see results. I’ve been doing lifestyle transformations for 10 years, I am very well acquainted with the transformation process and I’m willing to learn about you and your body and how we’re going to change it.


I am here with you every step of the way.

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