Individual Excellence To Personal Training
Body and Soul active lifestyle was established to promote and sustain healthier lifestyles to individuals and groups alike
By introducing fitness and dietary improvements in order to enhance the individual’s overall health and self-esteem
About Your Trainer
The company was founded by Bianca van Rensburg who graduated at the University of Pretoria with a BA Human Movement Science degree and has completed various personal and group training qualifications.
About Us
The body and Soul active lifestyle concept specialises in advanced health and fitness solutions as well as innovative programs for healthy living categories and incorporates the following:

Personal training

The benefit of individual personal training will ensure dedicated training and assessments to the individual’s specific needs and goals.

Group training

Group training has the luxury of attending fitness training in the following arenas: BootCamp & Personal Training


This program would preferably take place within the individual’s dwelling.

Dietary advice and BMI assessments

Body Mass Index assessments will determine the individual’s current state of body fat and together with fitness level testing for future solutions.

Special needs individual training

Tutoring for individuals with disabilities.

Substance abuse and addiction

Substance abuse and addiction is a very specialised medical field in which the patient requires intensive attention, education and assistance.
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